T200H Multi-Function

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Product Name£ºT200H Multi-Function
Product Model£ºT200H Multi-Function
Production brand£ºLencen Medical
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Product Name: Multi-Function Emergency Stretcher
Model: T200H

The sick and the wounded in medical treatment unit, first-aid center and the gymnasium, etc. ?Shows its obvious advantage in case of carrying the patient from operation room to ward ?Owing to the use of aluminum alloy tube and desired design, the T87 is light, antiseptic, antirust and easy-sterilized besides ?Adjustment: 0-65¡ă
Size of the bed:
Lifting-falling range of the bed: 1900x550
Maximun outline dimension: 550x900
Lifting falling mode: hand-turning 1900x550x900
Breaking mode: foot-breaker
Dimension of the wheel: ?160
Net weight: 34.5kg

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