T203 Translational Transport Cart

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Product Name£ºT203 Translational Transport Cart
Product Model£ºT203 Translational Transport Cart
Production brand£ºLencen Medical
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Product Name:Translational Transport Cart
Model: T203

Size: 3650x6400x640/970mm;
It is completed with PP side rails and infusion stand;
The main construction of the cart is shaped by once die-casting of fine aluminum alloy. The guideways for linking two small separate carts are made of quality aluminum alloy of high strength and thus enable the bed to move steadily and reliably .
Two separate small carts can be raised and lowered for adjustment. Only when the two small carts are adjusted to the same level, the bed rest can be slided smoothly. As the bed slides to any separate cart ,it can be automatically locked and equipped with safety device. An advanced centrally controlled brake system is used for both separate small carts in order to make them smoother and more stable when linking up and running. The hand-over cart reaches international advanced level in the performance and design and can prevent cross infection so as to satisfy the needs of operation rooms in various hospitals, for which it is an ideal choice

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